Now with HTML5

Posted on December 14, 2010

Another new layout!

Well, sort of.

It’s the same layout as before, only I redid it in HTML5. It was an interesting little exercise; not particularly difficult, just getting used to new tags and how they interact. It’s interesting that <article> tags would be used for content that could be syndicated, and you would theoretically wrap it with <section>s. But then to have sections within the article as well? Hmm. A bit wonky, but I’ll play along.

Unsurprisingly, IE couldn’t handle the page at all, so I ended up going with a solution that I adapted from this article. It seems that if you have the browser create elements in the page, it’ll style them accordingly, so the script does just that. Simple enough, and it works in IE7 and IE8. IE6.. well, sort of, but thankfully the percentage of IE6 users is going down.

I normally build pages so that they validate, but there aren’t any true HTML5 validators out yet. Both the W3 validator and are experimental, but the page does validate in those, so I’m calling it a victory for now.

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