Sad start to the year

Posted on January 4, 2011

Happy new year, everyone!

Sorry to start off the year on a bit of a sad note, but I just remembered that the Barnes & Noble in Lincoln Center has closed as of today. It’s really a drag; that was a great bookstore. I had gone to a number of book signings and discussions there over the years, and it was just a good place to shop and hang out. As with so many other stores, Barnes & Noble was basically forced out by the owners raising the rent to absurd heights. But hey, their new tenants – Century 21 – can afford to pay those prices, so whatever. Honestly I had hoped that B&N would try to open another store nearby, but it looks like that never came to fruition. I guess the other options for books in that area are the nearby store on 82nd and Broadway, or to go down to the Borders at Columbus Circle.

Still, a very sad day. If anyone who works in that store happens to stumble upon this post, thanks for the work you did while the store was there.

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