Epic customer service

Posted on July 23, 2010

I know that Zappos is a huge corporation and they get enough praise, but my recent experience is cause for celebration. Or a post, whatever.

At around 10 PM on the 21st, I placed an order on Zappos for a pair of shoes. About two hours later (while I was asleep) I got an email telling me that my shipping was being upgraded for free just as “our way of saying thanks for being our customer”. Fast forward to the evening of the 22nd, when UPS shows up at the door with my shoes.  They bumped me up to next day air just for the hell of it? That’s awesome.

Yes, I know that Zappos can afford to do things like that, and I’m sure I was more or less randomly selected, but adding an extra little bit like that can really improve customer approval of your company. Surely there are plenty of people out there who have received something similar and then went and told their friends about it. It’s said that nothing beats word of mouth, and they definitely got it on this one. So thanks muchly, Zappos!

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