GoDaddy and SOPA

Posted on December 30, 2011

Like everyone else on the Internet, I’ve been watching this whole thing with SOPA unfurl. The part that amuses me the most, I think, is this whole fiasco with GoDaddy. First, they endorse SOPA and even help draft the piece of legislation. Denizens of the Internet, furious at this, threaten to leave GoDaddy, and the company basically laughs at them. Joke’s on them, though – because some 70,000 domains left GoDaddy. Suddenly, GoDaddy reverses its stance and decides that it now “OPPOSES SOPA” (caps theirs). Did they really think no one would see through this move? And do they really expect that this change of heart is going to stop people from leaving? If anything I’d expect people to leave even faster now that they know that GoDaddy is really just an opportunistic company.

Personally I’ve never liked GoDaddy, and have never used them for my personal projects. Like many other people, I use Namecheap, though I’ve read is also quite good.

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