On Windows git clients

Posted on May 6, 2012

Basically all the work I do these days is managed with git. It’s been at least a year since I’ve dealt with Subversion, and really, there’s no going back. Git just makes everything easier. At work we only use Macs, and there are a handful of pretty good GUIs for git. For awhile I used Tower, but recently it’s been more buggy and crashes far more than it probably should. I’ve since switched to SourceTree by Atlassian (who also make JIRA and a handful of other products), and it’s gone pretty well. There’s just enough chrome that git functionality is still there, but isn’t obstructed.

But then I come home to work on my own personal things in Windows, and well.. there just aren’t any Windows git clients that are as good as their Mac equivalents. SmartGit is the best thing I’ve found, but the interface is a little wonky, and its merging and merge conflict stuff leaves a little to be desired. Other projects such as Tortoise and the original git client are fine for basic work, I guess. But after working with really good Mac clients, it’s disappointing that there aren’t any good Windows clients. Oh, and I haven’t really found any slick Linux ones that work in Windows either.

Maybe I missed one along the way?

Update: Only a little while after I posted this, Github put out a Windows client. It’s quite slick and matches Microsoft’s Zune/Metro design. I do wish it had a bit more low level control of Git, but for most people, it’s pretty good. Certainly a great showing for Git on Windows.

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